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Our Mission -

 As a certified picture framer and an art consultant, picture framing in India has gone through a rapid paradigm shift in the last 20 years. Traditional picture framing takes weeks and uses plastic frames and countless middlemen. These frames are brittle, dangerous and environmentally unfriendly. I traveled across India and was surprised to see the amount of plastic being used in frames. 99 out of every 100 frames made in India are made out of plastic.

My intent of founding framebazaar is to provide you with the finest quality of materials available for framing which are strong, safe and sustainable so you can design your memories the way you love.

Our state-of-the-art factory is located in Mumbai, India. Every process is supervised by our team of experienced framers and your precious artworks are handled with great care and diligence at every single step. With our robust technology, unique design & skilled workmanship, my team and I want to provide you with museum-quality frames at the fastest turnaround time and a great price. With framebazaar, I want you to print, design and frame what you love for your home or office in minutes! 

Rihen Ajmera, Founder