Large Frame

Rs. 6,500

Tax included.

Color: Black
Frame Size:

Large art requires large frames, so it’s important to pick a moulding that enhances art at such a dramatic scale. Large art and photos tend to look more sophisticated with a thicker mat. The large frame comes with a conservation grade acid-free textured mat, archival-grade giclée print protected with a clear acrylic glazing that keeps your print preserved for years to come. Believe it or not, most photos you take (even on an iPhone)  are high enough resolution to print at larger sizes. You can create large framed photo prints with everything from vacation photos to family snapshots to scans of vintage photographs.

Large Size Specification -
Frame Size -  26" x 26"  , 30" x 30"
Print Size -  20" x 20" , 24" x 24" respectively

Frame Size -  26" x 30" 
Print Size -  20" x 24"
Frame Size -  30" x 26" 
Print Size - 20" x 24" 

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